The Battle of the Fleece

First female gardeners at Kew in their tweed gardening clothes and bloomers
women gardeners at Botanic Gardens Kew wearing tweed

Photo: Royal Botanic Gardens Kew Female gardeners first day in 1896

These pioneering women gardeners didn't last long in their tweed bloomers - on the first day, such was the furore about their state of dress, they were forced to change back into skirts within hours.  Thankfully some battles have been well and truly put to bed by 2021 but now we have a whole new front to go into combat for - doing away with the nation's fleece.  

Yes that item of clothing that is the staple of so many wardrobes across the country - easy wash, easy wear, easy on the pocket but NOT on the planet - fleeces shed over 1.5 grammes of micro-fibres in EVERY wash.

 We all know the realities of climate change bearing down on us but you really can change the world in the way you dress.  85% of the human made debris on shorelines around the world is made up of these microfibres - if you think for every person washing a fleece every week, that represents 90 grammes each year - just for one garment of clothing!

Photograph: Gareth Fuller/PA

Tweed's ability to keep you warm yet regulate to your perfect temperature, to keep you dry, to be hardwearing enough to last you a lifetime and the fact it is made from an endlessly renewable resource, spun and woven here in the UK, mean it ticks many sustainability boxes.  

The mission behind Acre & Holt is to rid the nation's cupboards of these pernicious garments that, with every wash, release more microfibres into the water system and encourage you all to wear wool waistcoats and gilets instead - bloomers optional! 

Choose wool - you know it makes sense in a crazy world! 

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