Bullseye for the Garden Wrap - Our Tool Belt and Garden Apron in One!

Bullseye for the Garden Wrap - Our Tool Belt and Garden Apron in One!


Do you endlessly find yourself retracing your steps around the garden, looking for the secateurs, gloves or dandelion weeder that you previously put down somewhere absentmindedly? Do you get up from a half hour weeding on your knees with a stiff and creaky lower back? If this sounds like you, then our thornproof tweed and leather garden wrap and tool belt is just the perfect gardening accessory for you.  

Designed by Acre & Holt and made locally in Somerset by a family firm of leather workers using our heavyweight thornproof tweed, our clever wrap is a garden apron and tool belt in one. It features a large pocket for gloves and string (with an ingenious eyelet to stop your string getting tangled up), a D ring to clip keys and tools onto, a leather pocket for your snips, a belt strap for your holster if you are a hori hori user plus a large, back pocket to keep your phone within easy reach.  

We were delighted when the powerhouse that is Georgie Newbery, Somerset cut flower grower and home of Common Farm Flowers, decided to review our garden wrap on your Youtube channel. In her own words she describes it as a "Really good quality, useful, stylish accessory for Gardeners" and we couldn't agree more. 
You can watch Georgie sharing her love of the wrap here on her YouTube channel:


The Perfect Gift for Gardeners

Designed for gardeners, by gardeners, our work wear belt would make the perfect gift that will last a lifetime. Made for anyone who wants a tool belt for gardening that will keep you warm and contained whilst looking stylish. 
Just in time for Christmas, we are pleased to have added the option to personalise our garden apron with two initials embossed on a leather tag. Select the personalised option at checkout before DECEMBER 1ST and let us know which initials you would like us to emboss. 
The Acre & Holt garden wrap comes in two sizes, and the velcro band also means it's adjustable and will suit waists of all different shapes and sizes. 

Garden Tool belt

Why Invest in a Garden Tool belt? 

Wearing a tool belt like this one will not only provide protection for your clothes, but we guarantee your gardening will become a whole lot more convenient, and your most-used tools will be organised and always within reach. The wide leather belted back will offer support while gardening which can even help prevent back strain. You'll want to invest in a garden tool belt that's made from durable high quality materials, which is why thornproof tweed and hard-wearing leather, not only, make a luxury product but a practical choice. The Acre & Holt tool belt has plenty of pockets and even has a hole for your twine.
Here are some more ideas for garden items you could consider keeping in your tool belt:

  • A trowel or hori hori; Essential gardening 101, used for digging up weeds and planting bulbs.
  • Pruning secateurs; Keep in easy reach for trimming back bushes and deadheading flowers.
  • Gardening gloves; Protect your hands from thorns and scratches.
  • A pencil and notepad; Handy for jotting down plant names or garden ideas.
  • Seed packets, plant tags, and other small items
  • Your mobile phone; Keep your phone dry and clean but in easy reach. 
    With these items in your tool belt, you'll be prepared to tackle any gardening task that comes your way!

    Shop online for the Acre & Holt Garden Wrap here
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