It's Wool Week

It's Wool Week

Come celebrate the myriad wonders of wool with us - every October the Campaign for Wool runs a global chain of events to spread the love of this incredible fibre.  And the season kicks off with the Sheep Drive through the City of London and over London Bridge led by the Worshipful Company of Woolmen.

The fact that the speaker of the House of Lords sits on a Woolsack gives you some idea of the role this fibre has played in this country's economic history - Edward III made his Lord Chancellor sit on a wool bale to symbolise it's central role to the economy of England in the Middle Ages.  Two hundred years later, in some early form of subsidy, the government passed a law that all Englishmen except nobles, should wear caps to church on Sundays.  It has even been attributed to the origins of the class system in this country - when wealthy landowners could sell their fleeces direct to cloth manufacturers around the world, the peasants still had to deal with travelling wool merchants and so keep paying the middleman and thus began the middle-class/working-class divide! 


Wool has so many benefits - from its endlessly renewable supply to its biodegradability at the end of its life cycle.   And that's before you even wear it! 

it keeps you dry

it doesn't take on body odours

it keeps you warm even when wet

it absorbs and repels water

it offers excellent temperature regulation 

has a high warmth to weight ratio 

if merino, it is soft and not itchy to the touch

it naturally extinguishes itself in the event of fire

and it used to be treated in vats of stale urine to bleach and degrease it back in the day!

Choose Wool every day!  

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