Tweeds to suit

Tweeds to suit
Over the course of the last few years we have developed working relationships with a couple of mills in Scotland who weave bespoke tweeds for us - because they are small mills, they are able to do limited runs of 50m of fabric for us at a time. 

rolls of tweed on shelves at the mill

Each time production is a nail-biting experience because we cannot guarantee what the finished cloth will look like until it is off the loom.  

One mill in the Scottish Borders, Andrew Elliot Ltd, is based in a complex of listed buildings that has been involved in weaving since 1838 - the current mill is based in what was the old yarn store for George Roberts & Co, the original owners.

The looms are unusual as they still use wooden hand shuttles which Rob Beaton, tuner and weaver extraordinaire, deftly handles during the weaving process.   

hand shuttle on the loom

We work in different weight tweeds and take our inspiration for our tweed designs from nature and our own vintage wardrobes.  This mustard check tweed we call Kongoni - after the yellow bark of fever trees (acacia) that grow in this corner of Kenya - the original inspiration came from an old tweed kilt I had as a girl - you can see it in the right of the picture - with a slightly familiar 70's neon glow. 

mustard check tweed and kilt inspiration

Some of the heavier weight thornproof tweeds are known as Estate tweeds - more for game keepers and outdoor wear - they have always been a popular choice for our men's gilets.   

Currently we run four bespoke tweeds - our take on Cammo, Kongoni, Tana and the first one we created - Settlers.  These are all light weight shetland or merino wools and work well for our trouser suits and skirts because of their wonderful drape.  

cammo tweed


kogoni mustard check tweed


tana blue check tweed


settlers merino tweed


We also run a more standard stock of herringbone weaves from both this Selkirk mill and another on Harris that blends lambswool with the traditional Harris yarn so you can achieve the vivid colours of Harris tweed without the coarseness.   All of them matched with our vivid Dutch wax linings in an unexpected blend of colour and culture. 

lined blue tweed gilet


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